Ma Dong Seok Talks About His Upcoming Film ‘The Roundup’

Ma Dong Seok Movie The Roundup
Ma Dong Seok Movie The Roundup
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Ma Dong Seok, aka Don Lee, sat down for an interview on his upcoming film, The Roundup.

The Roundup is a crime-action movie about a legendary detective and Geumcheon squad’s thrilling hunt to bring the criminals to justice.

Q1. After ‘Eternals,’ you’ve made your movie return with a South Korean flick. What are your thoughts on your new movie? �

I am thrilled to be returning with The Roundup after Eternals. As much as The Outlaws has received a lot of love, I am guessing it’s about time for everyone to enjoy a flick that can make you wash away your stress. You must have had a frustrating and challenging time, and I hope that The Roundup will relieve the stress off your shoulders.

Q2. How does it feel to be back as the “beast” detective, Ma Seok Do? �

I’m both delighted and nervous to be returning with the movie that has received so much love. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t under pressure, but I can proudly say that the entire cast and crew worked hard to avoid imitating the previous film. I couldn’t be more excited to show the audience what we’ve accomplished in nipping the crime in the bud while traveling back and forth between South Korea and Vietnam.

Q3. ‘The Outlaws’ is always prefaced with the phrase “the beginning of the MCU (Ma Dong Seok Cinematic Universe)” What are your thoughts?

I feel delighted to have such an introduction to my films. It’s also worth noting that they created a worldview by connecting all of my characters. I hope you enjoy this upcoming film as well, as many of us put our heart and soul into the work.

Ma Dong Seok Movie The Roundup
Credit: Megabox Plus M

Q4. The showdown between You and Son Seok Gu is mind-blowing. �

If Jang Chen (played by Yoon Gye Sang) was like a tiger in The Outlaws, Kang Hae Sang (Son Seok Gu) would resemble a lion in The Roundup. They are like two totally different types of beasts. You will be able to find the hidden details in the action scenes if you notice the difference. Stay tuned for the birth of a new action star!

Q5. Aside from ‘The Roundup’, you have many flicks coming up likeHoly Night: Demon Hunters‘ and ‘The Wilderness‘. What motivates you in your career? �

To say that the work isn’t physically demanding would be a lie. But I am able to shoot movies because I know that this type of opportunity does not come along very often. I want to make the most of the time and chances given to me. As much as Ma Seok Do does his best to achieve his goals in The Roundup, I would like to try everything that comes my way. I believe the mysterious power of movies is my biggest motivation.

For more info about the movie visit 815 Pictures.

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