Hwang In Yeop Shares What It was Like Playing Na Il Deung in ‘The Sound of Magic’

Hwang In Youp The Sound of Magic
Hwang In Youp The Sound of Magic
Credit: Netflix

Hwang In Yeop shared what it was like playing Na Il Deung, who has a crush on Yoon Ah Yi in Netflix’s series The Sound of Magic.

Pulling at many viewers’ heartstrings, the actor flawlessly portrayed straight-A student Na Il Deung who harbors dear feelings for Yoon Ah Yi (Choi Sung Eun). Expressing his gratitude for receiving praises for his role, he shyly said that there is no secret behind playing such a character. He added, “I tend to think, “Why don’t you like me?” when playing such a character. I act with the heart of wanting her to like me. I am blood type A. So I am a little reserved and often split hairs over things. I think my original character helped me better portray this shy teen boy who has a deep crush on someone.

Hwang In Youp The Sound of Magic
Credit: Netflix

The star commented, “Just like Il Deung, who finds it difficult to express emotion, I find it extremely difficult to let out my feelings. I think he would better cope with his emotion than I would, as I would have an inner war with myself. I would never be able to confess my feelings to anyone even if I get to fall madly in love with a person. However, I would still try myself to deliver my feelings for someone if I ever do fall in love. The matter of her accepting my feelings is a totally different story, though.”

The celebrity revealed that his MBTI is either INFP or ISFP. He said, “I am not a couch potato by nature. I used to be an extrovert who enjoyed going out and hanging out with my friends. But I found having my me-time important to recharge, as I usually spend more time working with others. Having some time alone is a fresh way to boost my energy.”

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