‘Our Blues’ Episode 4 Recap: Han Ji Min and Kim Woo Bin’s Relationship Blossoms Into a Romance

Kdrama Our Blues episode 4
Kdrama Our Blues episode 4
Credit: tvN

Episode 4 of tvN’s Our Blues showed a fishing boat captain named Park Jung Joon (played by Kim Woo Bin) being very upfront and honest about his feelings toward female diver Lee Young Ok (Han Ji Min), despite the numerous malicious rumors surrounding her.

The latest episode of Our Blues scored an average nationwide rating of 9.2 percent, ranking No.1 in its time slot across all channels.

Jung Joon cannot resist his growing feelings for Young Ok. One day, he witnesses another ship captain trying to flirt with her. As he keeps bothering her, Jung Joon decides to stay at her porch to keep the captain away from her house.

Just then, Young Ok asks Jung Joon to go for a walk together. He is more than happy to do so as he has become very fond of her. However, while walking along the night street, she brings up the stories about her ex-boyfriends even though she knows how he feels about her. He is frustrated as he slowly understands her intention to push him away.

While Jung Joon is organizing his thoughts, a rumor spreads through the seaside town that Young Ok is spreading lies. This leads other female divers to exclude her from their social circles. When she is on the verge of being kicked out, Jung Joon calls her out. She asks him, “Can you love someone who has much experience with men?” Jung Joon answers, “Yes,” without hesitation, creating romantic tension between the two.

As her gaze changed from flirtation to love, the two swooped in for a kiss and swooned many drama fans who were watching the breathtaking ending. With unconfirmed rumors and mysteries surrounding her, many wonder how the romance between the two will unfold.

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