‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ Final Episode Recap: Park Min Young and Song Kang’s Romance Overcomes the Storm

Forecasting Love and Weather ending
Forecasting Love and Weather ending
Credit: JTBC

In the final episode of JTBC’s Forecasting Love and Weather, Jin Ha Kyung (Park Min Young) and Lee Si Woo (Song Kang) confirmed their love after overcoming their relationship’s storm.

Rumors started within the KMA that Ha Kyung and Si Woo were getting married soon, with even the suspicions of them getting pregnant first. This left Ha Kyung so choice but to come clean about their breakup to the coworkers.

Ki Joon (Yoon Park) and Yoo Jin (Yura), on the other hand, re-sparked the fire for their romance. Ki Joon promised Yoo Jin to be a good father and brought up the first time they met, leaving Yoo Jin touched. Soon, he even wholeheartedly cheered Ha Kyung’s love, telling her to not let go of Lee Si Woo.

In the meantime, Si Woo’s father and Ha Kyung’s mother were the ones who tried to stop their kids’ breakup.

Realizing how important they are to each other, Si Woo and Ha Kyung reunited on the day the first snow came. Recalling the day they first met, they took a walk down a memory lane and shared honestly of how they felt. Ha Kyung confessed that she was first attracted to his healthy and energetic charms but slowly fell for him even more as she got to know his pains. In response, Si Woo passionately kissed Ha Kyung with the promise to love her even more.

At the end of the episode, Si Woo was helping his father fight off cancer, and the people of KMA were still working hard for accurate forecasting. The drama officially ended its journey by showing the Ha Kyung and Si Woo’s families getting introduced to each other.

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