‘Juvenile Justice’ 3 Rookie Actors that Kim Hye Soo Praised

Juvenile Justice Lee Yeon
Juvenile Justice Kim Hye Soo
Credit: Netflix

In a video interview with YTN Star, Juvenile Justice star Kim Hye Soo handed out lavish praise for the rookie actors she worked with in the series. Released on February 25th, Juvenile Justice depicts the story of a judge who has to balance her aversion to young offenders as she tackles complex cases inside a juvenile court. Various episodes of juvenile trials were shown, and victims, perpetrators, and people surrounding the case appeared. Although the series hasn’t gained much attention, the actors that showed absorbing performance drew keen attention.

Juvenile Justice Lee Yeon
Credit: Netflix

Kim Hye Soo specifically mentioned Lee Yeon, Hwang Hyun Jung, and Kang Chae Yeon. First, Lee Yeon is an actress who plays the role of Baek Sung Woo. Baek Sung Woo, a 13-year-old minor, first appeared confessing his murder, shocking the viewers.

About the actress, Kim Hye Soo shared, “My heart bounced when I first saw her. It was pounding so hard. I couldn’t picture Baek Sung Woo at once while reading the scripts. But when I saw Lee Yeon, it felt like Baek Sung Woo was standing right there.”

Lee Yeon is a 28-year-old actress born in 1995. For the drama, she played a male role. She made her debut in 2018 and has since appeared in several independent films and dramas. Then last year, she made her face known after appearing in Netflix’s D.P. as Jung Hae In’s little sister.

Juvenile Justice Kim Hye Soo
Credit: Netflix

The second actor Kim Hye Soo mentioned was Hwang Hyun Jung. Hwang Hyun Jung took on the role of Han Ye Eun, who was involved in the Yeonhwa elementary school case. When Shim Eun Seok (Kim Hye Soo) comes to find her, she runs away and even throws a fit in the court when things don’t go the way she wants.

“She’s young and has never acted before. But she surprised me when she performed the essence of the character,” Kim Hye Soo said. “She said that she even looked up similar overseas cases. It felt like Han Ye Eun really existed while I was filming, and in a way, I felt like I was watching Lee Jung Hyun in A Petal.”

As Kim Hye Soo mentioned, Hwang Hyun Jung is an 18-year-old with no experience in acting. Despite her young age, she flawlessly pulled off the complicated role, raising expectations for her future activities.

Juvenile Justice Kim Hye Soo
Credit: Netflix

Lastly, Kim Hye Soo brought up Kang Chae Yeon. Kang Chae Yeon appeared in the latter half of the series as Kang Sun Ah, a victim of gang rape. She is also a rookie actress, but she is a scene-stealer that left a strong impression on Kim Hye Soo.

“There was only one scene where I got to meet her. But she was really focused on her role and expressed it so calmly. She had so much power in her performance that I even asked what her name was after the shooting,” she recalled.

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