Celebs that Made Huge Profits by Investing in Buildings: Song Seung Heon, Shin Min Ah, Park Seo Joon, and More

korean celebrity investing

The recent episode of KBS’s ‘Entertainment Weekly’ revealed the list of stars who made jaw-dropping profits by investing in buildings.

korean celebrity investing
Credit: KBS

Jang Beom June landed at No. 10. The residential building the singer bought in 2014 was worth 2 billion KRW (about $1.65 million). Currently, this building is worth about 5 billion KRW (about $4.13 million) as a commercial district was formed near it.

Park Seo Joon ranked 9th. The actor bought an old small building for 11 billion KRW (about $9.08 million) back in March of 2020. In just two years, he made 4 billion KRW (about $3.30 million) in market profit. He raised the value of the building through “building makeup,” such as changing the exterior wall color and installing an elevator.

Jung Yup, ranked 8th, opened a cafe in the building he purchased for 800 million KRW (about $660,330) in 2015. The singer more than doubled the market price thanks to the cafe’s spectacular view, and he reportedly sold the building in 2019.

Lee Hyori came in 7th. The singer, who used to sell a house whenever she ran out of money, sold 7.3 billion KRW (about $6.03 million) worth of the real estate. Since then. Lee Hyori has purchased a building in Hannam-dong with her husband Lee Sang Soon for 5.8 billion KRW (about $4.79 million). The current market price of this building is reportedly 8.5 billion KRW (about $7.02 million).

Yoo Ah In, who landed at No. 6, bought a detached house for 5.8 billion KRW (about $4.79 million) in 2016. This house that the actor invested in was a place that allowed the alteration of use. Now, this building is worth 8 billion KRW (about $6.60 million).

Fifth place went to Big Bang’s Taeyang. The singer purchased a seven-story building that was designated as a “special planned area” in 2016 and could possibly become a park for 7.7 billion KRW (about $6.36 million), which is cheaper than the market price. He took the risk and made a bold investment choice, which worked in his favor as the plan for park development got canceled. The current price saw a steep rise to 15 billion KRW (about $12.40 million).

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Fourth place went to Han Ye Seul. The actress bought a small building in Nonhyeon-dong at a price of 3.4 billion KRW (about $2.81 million), which was cheaper than the market price. Afterward, she remodeled it into a profitable/sellable building, making 7 billion KRW (about $5.78 million) in profit after just three years.

Jang Dong Gun ranked 3rd. The building that the actor purchased for 12.6 billion (about $10.41 million) in 2011 is currently worth 20 billion KRW (about $16.52 million). It is said that the building has been leased by a famous overseas car brand and has been maintained without vacancy for 11 years.

Shin Min Ah came in 2nd. The actress purchased a wooden building for 5.5 billion KRW (about $) in 2018. The land alone is now worth over 10 billion KRW (about $8.26 million). It has been reported that she’s constructing a large building on this land since 2020.

First place went to Song Seung Heon. The actor bought a building in Jamwon-dong in 2006 for 11.4 billion KRW (about $9.42 million). The current market price of this building, which is now the intersection of three station areas, is around 35 billion KRW (about $28.91 million). It is also said that Song Seung Heon bought the building in the back for 3.6 billion KRW (about $2.97 million). One real estate expert shared, “If he reconstructs the building along with the boulevard, it’ll be worth about 70 billion KRW (about $57.82 million) or more.”

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