Will ‘All of Us Are Dead’ Continue the K-Zombie Craze?

All of Us Are Dead netflix

All of Us Are Dead‘ cast and crew shared their thoughts on their upcoming Netflix series.

All of Us Are Dead netflix
Credit: Netflix

The upcoming Netflix series All of Us Are Dead held its online press conference on the 26th. The cast and director Lee Kae Hyu shared various stories about the series during the event. All of Us Are Dead centers around a group of high school students who are trapped in their school that became ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak.

Director Lee shared, “There are many zombie dramas, but they all revolve around adults. But our drama tells the story that happens to young students, who have not matured and socialized, in a confined space.”

All of Us Are Dead netflix
Credit: Netflix

Squid Game actress Lee Yoo Mi will impress the viewers this time with her villain role. “I tried to make the scene better by asking my co-star, ‘Does this make you madder?'” she said. “I want to hear people say, ‘She’s so spiteful and mean, but I like her because Lee Yoo Mi played her.’ I hope people think she’s okay because it’s me.”

Im Jae Hyuk mentioned the feature that makes All of Us Are Dead different from other zombie dramas. “Other zombie dramas have people shooting guns or have soldiers kill off zombies in a large scare. But because our drama takes place in a school, we have to fight off zombies with desks or mops. I think that’s what makes our drama different from others.”

Director Lee added, “I can say with certainty that the detail in zombie choreography in our work is better than any other K-zombie project. There is a process of becoming a zombie. But our zombies will make you feel extreme fear.”

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