Lee Jun Young Says He Got to Recall the Joy of Being on Stage in ‘Let Me Be Your Knight’

Lee Jun Young Let Me Be Your Knight
Lee Jun Young let me be your knight
Credit: Jflex Entertainment

In an interview with Starnews, Lee Jun Young talks about finishing his SBS drama Let Me Be Your Knight.

Q1. You played singer once again in ‘Let Me Be Your Knight’ following ‘Imitation’

Yoon Tae In was all about growing up. To others, he is a genius that seems perfect. But deep down, he has pain that no one knows about. He feels love for the first time after meeting the doctor. So I focused on how he grows up as a person. I played a singer role for the second time, but it was really different. If I had to act while dancing in Imitation, I had to play instruments this time. I had fun because I got to freely use the space around me.

Q2. I’m sure it reminded you of the time when you were an idol. Any episode that was more relatable?

The scene where I performed in a large concert hall. I’ve held solo concerts as a singer, and it was about the same size as the concert hall I used then. It was nice to be able to remember the performances after a long time.

Q3. What was it like working with NU’EST’s JR, Yoon Ji Sung, and AB6IX’s Kim Dong Hyun?

Actors who are also idols are very rare. I wanted to meet them, and the passion I received from them also woke me up. They were all so enthusiastic, so I was grateful. They became more natural (in acting), and it was thrilling to see them do their own part in the end. I don’t know how many times I applauded inside. It was amazing.

Lee Jun Young let me be your knight
Credit: Jflex Entertainment

Q4. What was it like acting with Jung In Sun?

There were many scenes where we bickered, so we decided to go with comedy. There were some heart-fluttering moments, but we chose a romance that people can enjoy easily with a smile. The chemistry we had was 100 points.

Q5. ‘Let Me Be Your Knight’ shows a keen insight to K-pop culture.

In scenes where the band LUNA appears, there are these comments during the live broadcast. And they were not so different from the comments that I read in the live show that I hosted just a few days ago. Seeing that, I thought, “Oh, I saw this then.”

Q6. What do you see when choosing the projects?

What kind of smell do the characters have? That’s important to me. I try to see if they are characters with a human face. One day, I realized that I was working routinely. And I really hated that. So I want to be an actor with a human face.

Q7. What different charm of actor Lee Jun Young can we see in the Netflix movie ‘Love and Leashes‘?

Just looking at the images will make you wonder. He is a completely different person from Yoon Tae In. It was so much fun working with my co-star Seohyun. I’ve got a lot of help from her at the filming sets. She’s such a nice person and a nice co-worker. I’m always happy when I’m with her. She’s so energetic and cheerful. And I’ve learned a lot acting-wise.


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