Lee Jun Young Turns into a “Human Golden Retriever” in Upcoming Netflix Movie ‘Love and Leashes’

Netflix Movie Love and Leashes
Netflix Movie Love and Leashes
Credit: Netflix

Netflix released photos that show a glimpse into Lee Jun Young‘s new character as a perfect man with a secretive taste.

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, Love and Leashes illustrates the romance between a man with a special sexual fetish and a woman who happens to come across his secret.

Lee Jun Young takes on the role of Jung Ji Hoo. Jung Ji Hoo is handsome, intelligent, and even has a sweet and delicate personality. So there’s nothing weird about all the female employees having a crush on him. But he has one secret that he never wants anyone to know- his secret fetish.

One day, Jung Ji Woo (Seohyun) finds out about his secret due to a delivery mistake. Jung Ji Hoo is terrified that the whole company will find out about his secret, but she casually mentions that everyone has their own tastes. Impressed by what she said, he asks her to be his master.

Netflix Movie Love and Leashes
Credit: Netflix

The released photos capture the process of his change. In the first photo, he’s a perfect office worker loved by all female employees. But the change of his emotional states as he gets involved with Jung Ji Woo is shown in the later photos.

Lee Jun Young shared, “I thought a lot about how Ji Hoo feels. The director told me that Ji Hoo suits the golden retriever-like style the best, so I tried my best to become the human golden retriever.”

Meanwhile, Love and Leashes comes from Like For Likes and 6 Years in Love director Park Hyun Jin. It’ll be released on February 11th, three days before Valentine’s Day.

Source: Netflix

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