‘The Red Sleeve’ Final Episode Recap: Junho and Lee Se Young’s Sad Yet Happy Ending

The Red Sleeve Ending
Credit: MBC
The Red Sleeve Ending
Credit: MBC

The Red Sleeve ended amid viewers’ enthusiastic support. Especially in the final episode, Junho completed the story of a king that overcame a tragic past and became a sage king with his flawless performance.

In the beginning, it seemed like Yi San finally got his happy ending with Deok Im whom he had feelings for for a long time. The two even welcomed their first son and became a real family, but the happiness didn’t last long. Their son died of the plague. Despite the heartbreaking pain, Yi San hid his sadness as the king and worked tirelessly for his people.

However, Deok Im shed tears all by herself as she said goodbye to her old perky self and accepted the fate of living as a royal consort.

The Red Sleeve Ending
Credit: MBC

This wasn’t the end of Yi San’s sadness. Deok Im, who couldn’t bear the pain of losing her loved ones anymore, also passed away while pregnant. Yi San kept her side at her last moment, but she asked him to ignore her if they met again in the next life. Hearing her last words, he wailed, “It’s all my fault.”

As time passed, Yi San became a sage king that all people praise. Though he had buried everything about Deok Im deep down, memories of her flooded out as he neared his death. Realizing that Deok Im has always been the love of his life, he also closed his eyes for good.

That moment, he reunited with Deok Im in his dream and confessed his heartfelt sincerity, saying, “I will never let go of your hand. Please love me.” To which Deok Im replied by kissing him. The two embraced each other at their happiest moment, hinting that they’d stay together forever.


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