Netflix’s Hit Show ‘Single’s Inferno’ Unveils Its New Contestants

netflix Single's Inferno
netflix Single's Inferno
Credit: Netflix

Netflix original series Single’s Inferno revealed new contestants in the last two episodes released on January 1st. Bringing new dynamics in the ‘Inferno Island,’ the newbies garnered everyone’s attention while leaving the hosts and other stars in shock.

The new female contestant is seemingly interested in Moon Se Hoon, the all-time ‘Shin Ji Yeon lover.’ Viewers are stretching their imaginations on how things will play out in the upcoming episodes since he has been the ugly duckling who has not found his match yet.

In the meantime, Song Zia is seen getting swayed by the new guy added to the island, leaving Kim Hyun Joong and Choi Si Hoon in a miserable situation. Viewers are expecting to see if these three stars will add to the tension of this already piping hot bowl.

The upcoming episodes with the new contestants will increase the excitement even more with their unpredictable choices. Plus, the singletons are grabbing the viewer’s attention by being honest and open more than ever.

Source: Netflix

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