‘A Year-End Medley’ Unveils the Main Trailer Full of Romance

korean movie A Year End Medley

TVING original movie ‘A Year-End Medley’ released the main trailer full of heart-fluttering excitement.

korean movie A Year End Medley
Credit: CJ ENM

A Year-End Medley centers around the people who visit the hotel Emros with their own stories. And in the hotel, various people start new relationships in their own way.

The main trailer released gives a glimpse into the special story of 14 people with 14 different charms surrounding Hotel Emros. First, the hotel manager So Join (Han Ji Min) wants her long-time crush Seung Hyo (Kim Young Kwang) to ask her out on a date. But instead, he surprises her with his plan to marry his fiance Young Joo (Ko Sung Hee).

Moreover, Yong Jin (Lee Dong Wook), the successful CEO of Hotel Emros, and housekeeper Yi Young (Won Jin Ah), who dreams of becoming a musical actress, encounter an unexpected situation. Then there are Jae Yong (Kang Ha Neul), a guest causing trouble, and Soo Yeon (YoonA), a hotelier who has to deal with him.

This is not the end. From the mature romance of Catherine (Lee Hye Young) and Sang Gyu (Jung Jin Young) and the singer-manager bromance of Yi Kang (Seo Kang Koon) and Sang Hoon (Lee Kwang Soo) to the young love of Ah Young (Won Ji Ahn) and Sae Jic (Jo Joon Young) and the solo romance of Jin Ho (Lee Jin Wook), the sight of 14 people searching for a precious relationship will capture the hearts of the audience.

The sight of those who wait for the new year and a new relationship, leaving behind the daily life that doesn’t go as planned, raises expectations.

Meanwhile, A Year-End Medley �confirmed its release both in theaters and on the streaming platform TVING next month.



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