Lee Jun Ho Shares a Behind-the-Scenes Look at His Fight Scenes in ‘The Red Sleeve’

the red sleeve lee junho
the red sleeve lee junho
Credit: Youtube Channel LEE JUNHO

2PM’s Lee Junho has shared a special behind-the-scenes video �highlighting �stunts for some of the battle scenes in The Red Sleeve.

Lee Junho recently uploaded an action-packed video named “Escaping Crisis V-log By Yi San” on his personal YouTube channel LEE JUNHO.

The actor did several amazing stunts in the ninth episode of The Red Sleeve last week, fighting against those who had committed treason. There was this particular scene where he had to jump up high to shoot an arrow, and the viewers who watched the episode assumed the scene involved some wire works and CGI effects to make it look natural. However, the behind-the-scenes video that the actor has recently shared surprised the viewers. It turned out that Lee Junho had shot the scene by jumping on a trampoline without wearing the safety wire rope.

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As soon as he finished the shooting, everyone praised him, saying, “Yi San, you did amazing! You are such an exceptional action star!” Lee Junho then replied, “Thank you,” with a shy smile on his face.

Lee Junho, who had performed many challenging acrobatic movements in the past as a member of 2PM, made outstanding action stunts while shooting the fight scenes for the drama.

The Red Sleeve �airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 PM KST.


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