3 Things to Look for in Netflix’s New Original Show ‘New World’

netflix New World

Netflix has revealed three attractive features to look for in the upcoming show, New World. Scheduled to premiere on the 20th, New World follows the adventures and magic unfolding in the utopia for the chosen few.


1. A New Kind of Variety Show Presented by ‘Busted’ Crew

netflix New World
Credit: Netflix

Busted producers Cho Hyo Jin and Go Min Seok will invite the viewers to the virtual world called the “New World.” New World started with the question, “What if there is a new world where you can live freely and that is not reality? And what if everything you want exists in that world?” It tells the story of various events, survival missions, confrontations, and twists that take place in utopia, the world every one dreams of.
Producer Cho shared, “I hope that New World will allow you to imagine your own utopia at least one.” Producer Go added, “We’ve worked really hard so the viewers from around the world could empathize, laugh, and be happy with us.”


2. The Meeting of Variety Show Experts and Rookies

netflix New World
Credit: Netflix

Lee Seung Gi and Eun Ji Won will play a big role in the show as “variety show experts”. Lee Seung Gi boasts his leadership and comes up with strategies but showcases his clumsiness in critical moments. Eun Ji Won, on the other hand, turns into “Eun Villain” the moment he arrives at the new world and shows off his ingenious tricks and excellent hunches.
Kim Hee Chul and Park Na Rae surprisingly don’t have much experience in outdoor variety shows. Kim Hee Chul comes up with clever plans but eventually becomes an “everyday survivor” as things don’t go as planned in the new world. However, Park Na Rae presents excellent adaptability and fighting spirit as if she was born and raised in the new world.
The producers introduced Jo Bo Ah and EXO’s Kai, variety show rookies, as “the cast members that exceeded our expectations the most”. Quickly getting used to the new system, the two present as big a presence as the experts. Jo Bo Ah and Kai will captivate viewers with their unexpected charm, cooperating with others one minute then tricking them the next minute.


3. The Exotic Scenery

netflix New World
Credit: Netflix

The exotic and mysterious scenery of the new world, where the six cast members are invited, is another key feature. Various concepts and mysterious twists are hidden within the new world. Additionally, the “houses,” which will be the main living space of the cast, reflect on the tastes and dreams of each cast obtained through pre-interviews. The colorful houses with the unique colors of the members will add to the fun.
Moreover, producer Cho said, “Not only is there a mind game between the members depending on the situations, but you will also get to see the unexpected sides of the cast,” raising expectations for the colorful chemistry of six members that will show amid the rampant alliance and betrayal.

Source: Netflix

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