Song Hye Kyo Makes a Successful Return with Her New Drama ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’

Now We Are Breaking Up
Credit: SBS

SBS’ new drama Now, We Are Breaking Up is off to a good start.

According to Nielsen Korea, the second episode recorded a nationwide viewership rating of 8 percent, taking first place in its time slot across all channels. This is a 1.6 percent increase compared to its first episode.

The first episode depicts Ha Young Eun (Song Hye Kyo) and Yoon Jae Guk’s (Jang Ki Yong) first encounter as the two meet each other on a business trip and spend the night together.

In the second episode, their relationship develops further as they reunite in Seoul. However, feeling burdened, Ha Young Eun draws a line on Yoon Jae Guk as he actively pursues her. As time goes by, it becomes more and more evident that they are bound to be together. For instance, the episode revealed that Yoon is, in fact, the younger brother of Ha’s ex-boyfriend, who died ten years ago.

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The chemistry between Song Hye Kyo, who manages to be elegant and beautiful even in her 40s, and Jang Ki Yong, a newly established actor who is 11 years younger than her, is as great as expected. Plus, their bed scene in the first episode has attracted a lot of attention.

Although the drama garnered mostly positive reviews, some viewers were disappointed with the overused romantic cliches and the unrealistic depiction of the fashion industry.

Meanwhile, MBC’s The Red Sleeve, which airs on the same day, has recorded nationwide viewership ratings of 5.6%.

Check out the 4-minute highlight video below.

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