Kim Seon Ho’s Message on ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ Script Book Becomes a Hot Topic

Hometown ChaChaCha Kim Seon Ho
Hometown ChaChaCha Kim Seon Ho
Credit: SALT Entertainment, tvN

The message that Kim Seon Ho left in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha‘s script book is a hot topic.

tvN hit-series Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, in which Kim Seon Ho starred as Hong Doo Sik, has recently published the script book. Originally, a photo essay was also scheduled to be published but was canceled due to Kim Seon Ho’s scandal.

Today, Booklog Company posted short messages from screenwriter Shin Ha Eun and two leading actors, Shin Min Ah and Kim Seon Ho.

Hometown ChaChaCha Kim Seon Ho
Credit: Instagram @booklogcompany

What caught people’s attention was Kim Seon Ho’s massage. Along with his autograph, the actor wrote, “I wish I could live a life where I can say, ‘I like my life now,’ just like Chief Hong.”

Kim Seon Ho played Hong Doo Sik, who goes by “Chief Hong” to local residents. However, his ex-girlfriend’s revelation led him, who had reached the apex of his career with the drama, to his downfall.

However, the table has been turned as statements that completely contradict the actor’s ex’s claims have hit the wire. Now, two companies so far have re-posted his advertisements, and Kim’s agency had also announced the actor’s appearance in the new movie Sad Tropics (literal title).


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  • Love Kim Seon Ho! I think all these negativisms about him are all rubbish. I support him 100 % and will continue to watch all his shows and films from the past and future. 🙏💕

  • Stay strong ma Actor Kim Seon Ho
    I’m fans from 7.8M internasionl world
    I wish you well and can comeback again in good condition forever
    Keep Fighting!!!! Wish you all the best 💯💚

    • We are looking forward to see you again in 2Days 1 Night not the same without you. I love all of you there but seeing you there its the best. Fighting…. from Canada.

  • Kim Seon Ho is an amazing actor and I think the facts are entirely distorted. From the US I will continue to support him as continue to watch all movies and films he is connected with! Stay strong!

  • I knew it was jealousy. Glad she is not my daughter. However I will pray she finds the right path. Too many jumped to take her words at face value. SHAME!!
    Looking forward to his next project.

  • I will watch every movie of you! And i will not watch 2d1n anymore..but if you comeback i will watch it again just because of you Hong Banjang HWAITING!!! we don’t care your past.. now is now

  • I’m sure he wrote it before the incident, he can’t directly say what’s he’s going through , the heavy baggages he’d been carrying all along in his life particularly his relationship. But God is so good, after SeonHo’s stormy world, here comes a rainbow bringing full of blessings. Don’t worry Good Boy #KimSeonHo, you will have a life like Hong Dusik/ Hong Banjang because you’re the kindest , humble , compassionate, with good moral values human being. Just hold on to God, God loves you and Mama Mary too!💚💚💚🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • I wish i could help to make Kim seon ho back as a good boy image since it is damage due to his personal scandal about his private life, as fan of him a versatile actor like him should stay in the industry. I keep watching 2days&1night because of him now i am not interested maybe?…

  • Kim Seon Ho is a pure soul. Still watching again hometown cha cha cha. 2 days and 1 night variety show.

  • Kim Seon Ho, I’m deeply saddened of what happened to you but God is good! He knows and sees everything and you deserve His love, he is raising you up on your stormy days! 😇 Please be well and come back soon!🤗💚💚💚

  • I am a fan of Kim Seon Ho I am devastated along with others, left puzzled how the ex-girlfriend could destroy his life knowing most of her post was 💯 percent a lie. Now that we have been informed by dispatch we know that being truthful is something she lack. After Kim Seon Ho had given her numbers chances did she think because he loved her he was going to continue with her reckless behavior. I say to Miss Choi Young Ah repent and hope God will show you mercy. I say to Kim Seon Ho I watched 2nights 1day because I was following you, dont have the heart to watch if you not there. I was so upset trying to watch the last two espoides with you in, but they edited you so there was no Participation so upset.

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