Park Hee Soon Says Choi Moo Jin in ‘My Name’ is a Korean Psychopath Who Is in Anguish and Pain

My Name Choi Moo Jin

*contains spoilers

My Name Choi Moo Jin
Credit: Netflix

The Netflix original series My Name is gaining worldwide popularity following Squid Game. Park Hee Soon, who played the drug lord Choi Moo Jin in My Name, shared various stories related to the work through a video interview on the 22nd.

Currently, My Name is at No.3 on FlixPatrol’s TOP 10 on Streaming in the World chart (as of 10/22). Regarding the show’s success, Park said, “It’s unbelievable that the show is now the third most-watched show on Netflix. I’m really happy that Netflix has opened the door to the world for all of us. Just as K-pop is becoming internationally popular, I hope K-dramas will gain more popularity.”


Park Hee Soon said that featuring a single female lead was the reason for the show’s success. He said, “Because the series is all about going undercover, it’s very hard, maybe even impossible, to unravel the story without having cliches and tropes. So, the key was to take a different approach. I think having a female lead was a fresh attempt.”

In the show, he played a brutal villain named Choi Moo Jin. Regarding his character, he commented, “When you watch American Psycho, you see a ruthless, cold-hearted psychopath. But Korean Psycho is a little different. He is indeed a despicable figure. Yet, he suffers in agony and pain in the situations he is under. I think this was also a fresh approach.”

My Name Choi Moo Jin
Credit: Netflix

He credited the director and writer for creating the hot middle-aged character in My Name. He said, “People don’t usually say that I’m hot, and I think the author played a big part in creating such a character. Later, when the filming was over, I heard that the director told his staff to make this character (Choi Moo Jin) into a hot attractive guy no matter what it takes.”

Moreover, Park Hee Soon lavished praises on Han So Hee. He said, “I first heard that she was practicing her stunts, so I went to the Action School. I went there, and I was shocked. It’s been only ten days since she began practicing, and she had a perfect form for boxing. I was amazed, and I could see that she was happy and was having fun during the practice.”

When asked what the most memorable scene was, he said it was Dong Hoon’s funeral. He elaborated, “It was hard to act the scene while suppressing all the emotions that come with guilt and anger after losing the best friend. I met Han So Hee for the first time shooting that scene. At first, we were supposed to part ways without saying hello. Then, the script was revised, and we got to face each other. When I looked into her eyes, they looked so sad. For a moment, I became Park Hee Soon instead of Choi Moo Jin. My tears flowed so much that I couldn’t even speak, so I made a blooper.”

He also shared how his actress wife, Park Ye Jin, reacted to his latest show, saying, “Park Ye Jin practically became one of the Dongchun ring members and supported me.” (laugh)

Meanwhile, Park Hee Soon is currently filming the Netflix original series Exemplary Family (working title).


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