Kim Seon Ho’s Aboration Scandal Sparks Mixed Reactions Among Internet Users

Kim Seon Ho ex-girlfriend
Kim Seon Ho Actor K
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The recent scandal surrounding Kim Seon Ho has sparked mixed reactions among fans and internet users.

On the 23rd, an anonymous user from Kim Seon Ho‘s fan community posted an article on the Korean internet forum Nate Pann supporting the actor. In the post, the user stated, “You were always there for us, and it’s time for us to repay you. We will always be waiting for you no matter what, so take all the time you need to rest. But please stay healthy and safe and know that you are our light and hope.”


Many had mixed reactions to the letter. One user said, “He did not commit a crime, yet his career is over for something he did in the past with a woman. This situation should have never gotten this far.” The user added, “When it comes to a problem like this, we should hear from both sides.”

On the other hand, most Korean internet users criticized Kim Seon Ho for what he did. One person pointed out, “He forced a woman to get an abortion for his own �convenience. Need I say more?” The other person commented, “No matter how hard you stan him, he’s not coming back anytime soon. He used a woman for his pleasure without taking responsibility. I don’t feel sorry for him �” he’s dug his own grave as far as I’m concerned. ”


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  • If he actually physically went up to her and spoke to her, without sounding like he is sucking up, then he might get somewhere. He also needs to stop lying and hiding behind the internet…

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