Kim Seon Ho’s Alleged Acquaintance Claims that There Is a Lot Wrong in the Revelation Posted by Actor’s Ex

Kim Seon Ho ex girlfriend

Will Kim Seon Ho be able to turn the table? B, who claims to be Kim Seon Ho’s acquaintance, claimed that there is a lot wrong in the actor’s ex’s revelation, making headlines.

Kim Seon Ho ex girlfriend
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Earlier on the 17th, woman A, who claims to be actor K’s ex-girlfriend, first brought up the “Actor K” scandal. A claimed that actor K tricked her into thinking that he would marry her and even encouraged her to get an abortion. Since then, Kim Seon Ho was speculated as actor K, stirring up the entertainment industry.

Four days after the revelation was first posted, Kim Seon Ho issued an official apology statement. Since then, he was removed from 2 Days & 1 Night and three movies he was supposed to star in.

While the rumor was about to settle with Kim’s apology, B appeared and heralded another revelation regarding the issue. In his original post, B wrote, “I know Kim Seon Ho very well. And I also know the person who wrote the revelation very well. I am not sure whether my disclosure will be beneficial or detrimental for them. But I will reveal objective facts from a third party’s point of view through a media outlet.”


However, B had taken back what he said multiple times since writing this post. Then on Friday, he uploaded another lengthy writing. Apologizing for the confusion he had caused, B explained, “The reason I decided to disclose it on the 25th was that I needed time to find out about the legal disadvantages I could face.”

“Since around 1 PM on the 20th, I have been continuously persuaded and threatened by someone. I even received various pressures, including a claim for civil and criminal damages through a law firm,” he continued.

B then emphasized, “What I wanted to disclose wasn’t the woman’s past, nor the conspiracy theories that are circulating now. I want to say that the content of the revelation itself was wrong enough to shake the foundation of this issue.” He added, “Of course, if you only look at what the woman claims, he (Kim Seon Ho) deserves condemnation and is undoubtedly wrong. However, I want you all to know that there is a lot wrong in the revelation, and he is unfairly treated.”


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