Han So Hee Talks about Turning Down Stunt Doubles to Perform Dangerous Scenes in Her New Netflix Series ‘My Name’

Han So Hee my name
Credit: Netflix
Han So Hee my name
Credit: Netflix

Han So Hee, the star of the Netflix original series My Name, shared various stories related to her work through a video interview with YTN Star.

First, the actress shared her feelings about the release. “It’s been over a year since filming ended. Now that it’s released, my heart is fluttering again as if I’m filming right now. I am having a happy and tense time as I remember the hard times I went through one by one. After seeing My Name, people around me are telling me that I fight well and that I have a good punch.”

My Name ranked 4th on Netflix’s worldwide rankings. “I’m amazed by it too. I think Squid Game seems to have triggered the attention towards Korean dramas in many countries. It’s such a strange situation that I can’t give a definite answer. Maybe the era of OTT has really come.”

Han also talked about why she chose My Name. “I’ve always wanted to do a work that a female character leads independently. And I happened to come across a script that combines that with action, so I chose it. Also, I like noir, which was another reason.”

Han So Hee my name
Credit: Netflix

The first thing she prepared was “action.” “The director told me to prepare for action scenes even before I read the script. I think he said that because he thought I would lack the ability to interpret the script if I didn’t prepare the action first. I had prepared action first, so by the time I studied the script, my body had already become Ji Woo, so it wasn’t that burdensome.”

The most difficult action scene was the scene where she went to see Moo Jun in the latter half of the drama. “Starting from the hotel lobby, the sequence moves onto the stairs, the elevator, and then to the fight with Moo Jin. In the beginning, I performed the action scenes and excluded the emotions. But that scene was about killing someone, so it was emotionally and physically challenging.”

Han shared that she invested a lot of time in the action scenes. “No matter how much I try, I knew that I would never be able to handle that action sequence by myself. Actually, I performed all the action scenes, including the one-take scene, all by myself.” My stunt double will do the rehearsals. And even the scenes taken by the stunt doubles, actors took part in the filming till the end and chose a better one during the editing.”

She threw herself in the project, even if that meant no makeup. “It was my idea not to wear any makeup. I only put on a bare minimum. There are also quite a lot of scenes where I wear absolutely zero makeup. I just felt like I had to do that for the character named Ji Woo. I wanted her to be seen as raw as possible.”

Finally, while shaking her head, she opened up about My Name‘s season two. “Now that Ji Woo found out about the true identity of her father, I think there will be a story about her accomplishing something. I have no idea what to show in season two. Maybe I should show superpower (laughs).”


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