Marvel’s New ‘Eternals’ Footage Teases Gilgamesh’s Powers

ETERNALS Gilgamesh
ETERNALS Gilgamesh
Credit: The Walt Disney Company Korea

Marvel has released new footage from the MCU’s next superhero epic that gives a glimpse at Ma Dong Seok (Don Lee)’s Gilgamesh using his amped-up powers.

The teaser starts with the Eternals taking their first step on Earth from an enormous spaceship. From then on, the crew reveals their true identity and confronts humanity’s greatest threat.

ETERNALS Gilgamesh
Credit: The Walt Disney Company Korea

In the trailer, a voice-over states, “This planet and these people have changed all of us. We can change our destiny if we choose to fight.” Then Ma goes on and says, “I will take the chance,” and captures the attention.

In addition, the trailer features a fiery showdown between Gilgamesh and the immortal villain, Deviant. In particular, when the glowing force surrounds Gilgamesh’s right hand, he throws a counter punch at Deviant and defeats him in a single strike.

It raises expectations for prospective viewers of Eternals about what amazing appearance and action Ma Dong Seok will show.

All eyes are on what Ma Dong Seok and his new character will show in the upcoming Eternals movie.

Eternals will be arriving in North American theaters on November 5th.

Source : The Walt Disney Company Korea

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