‘Squid Game’ Actress Kim Joo Ryeong Says Mi Nyeo Is a Character Who Harbors a Great Fear

Squid Game Mi Nyeo 212
Squid Game Mi Nyeo 212
Credit: JUST Entertainment

Squid Game actress Kim Joo Ryeong shared her thoughts on her latest series through her agency, Just Entertainment. In the drama series, she played Player 212, a.k.a Mi Nyeo, and received massive attention for playing a character who is willing to exploit situations for her own advantage.

Q1. Squid Game is becoming a global megahit. What are your thoughts?

I knew the work would become a hit, but not to this extent. It just feels incredible and almost unreal. I am very proud and honored to be part of the Squid Game cast.

Q2. What was the casting process like?

I worked with director Hwang Dong Hyuk for the movie Silenced, and I saw him again at the filming site of his 2019 movie Collectors. He asked me whether I could spare time for a project in the coming year, saying he has something in mind. He said he would get in touch with me when things get more concrete. I was very grateful to the director for trusting me as an actress and offering me the role of Han Mi Nyeo without having an audition.

Q3. What was your first impression when you first read the script?

I received the script and read it in one sitting. That’s how immersive it was. It was shocking and refreshing to see those playground games redesigned as brutal death games. I thought it was a fantastic work that encompassed the themes of restoration of humanity within the framework of the loss of humanity.

Squid Game Mi Nyeo 212
Credit: Netflix

Q4. How did you build your character?

Contrary to her rugged and rough appearance, Mi Nyeo is a character who harbors a great fear inside her. Also, she gets scared very easily, and she never wants other people to find out about this. So, she acts tough and talks loud. I hoped that these aspects of her would be regarded as her desperate struggle for survival, and I hoped that viewers would pity her and support her. I still get a little bit teary when I think of her. She’s such a tragic character.

Q5. What are the key points we must pay attention to when watching Squid Game?

Squid Game is a story about people, after all. I think it is an incredibly compelling yet touching work woven by its tragic characters. Plus, it is fantastic to see the space art that is the same as reality and entirely different in the survival game room. Even the music is the best!

Q6. The number of your Instagram followers is growing at a tremendous rate.

It doesn’t feel real to me yet. Fans from all over the world are sending me messages of encouragement and support. I’d like to answer all of them, but unfortunately, the time doesn’t allow me to do so. I feel like I’m getting a lot of attention and love from so many people.

Q7. One last word?

Thank you for loving Squid Game and supporting actress Kim Joo Ryeong.


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