Jang Ki Yong Turns into a Handsome Photographer in ‘Now, We’re Breaking Up’

Jang Ki Yong drama
Jang Ki Yong drama
Credit: SBS

After the big success as a male gumiho, Jang Ki Yong will turn into a handsome photographer this time.

Now, We’re Breaking Up is certainly one of the most anticipated dramas to air in the second half of 2021. The series is a breaking-up version of Love Actually. It will paint out the sweet, spicy, and sour love story that writes “breakup” but reads it as “love.”

As you all know, Now, We’re Breaking Up is a romance drama. Therefore, the male and female leads and the actors that play them are the most important. In that sense, Yoon Jae Gook, played by Jang Ki Yong, is quite promising.

Jang Ki Yong drama
Credit: SBS

And today, the production crew unveiled the still photos of Jang Ki Yong, who has turned into a free-spirited photographer Yoon Jae Gook. Holding a camera, the actor looks into a camera with a professional look on his face. On top of that, his stylish fashion – a jean jacket with jeans – also catches the eye.

Meanwhile, Misty writer Jane pens the script while Dr. Romantic 2 co-director Lee Gil Bok helms the production. Now, We’re Breaking Up will premiere on November 12th as a follow-up of One the Woman.


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