‘No Time To Die’ Review: A Perfect Send Off to Daniel Craig’s James Bond

No Time To Die review
No Time To Die review
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No Time To Die is going to be a James Bond movie you’ve never seen before. It’s the last movie in Daniel Craig’s over-decade-long career in the role, and it’s the perfect send-off.

Daniel Craig’s James Bond was always a different type of Bond. While he was suave and cool, it wasn’t necessarily what defined him. He was a combination of suave, cold, murderous, and broken-hearted. At the root of Craig’s Bond was a broken-hearted man who wished to live a normal life with a woman – a core was established in the early beginnings of Casino Royale, and expanded upon in this movie.

This is a spoiler-free review of No Time To Die, but what we can say is that those characteristics that defined Craig’s previous Bond films, also define this movie. If you loved Casino Royale and Skyfall, then you will love No Time To Die. Craig brings a vulnerability to 007 that isn’t usually seen in James Bond movies, and he absolutely nails it in this movie. There are moments reminiscent of the older “cool guy” James Bond style as well, so there’s a bit of everything for long-time fans of the series.

No Time To Die is a movie with a ton of heart, ambition, action, and cool charm. It’s got all the action scenes a Bond fan could ever want, some of the coolest movie moments in 2021 film, and incredibly stylish directing. Director Cary Joji Fukunaga’s transitions were tremendous throughout the film and executed in the slickest ways. At times, it did feel like the movie was long, but it also feels very satisfyingly final. The movie is long for a reason, and it’s easy to understand why while watching.

The hidden gem of the movie was Ana de Armas by far. While her role was brief, she absolutely steals every minute of the scenes she’s in. By the end of her moment, you’ll wish you had more of her as a Bond girl. Armas and Craig’s chemistry together at times felt even better than his with Léa Seydoux.

No Time To Die may be a different type of James Bond film, but it’s the most fitting ending to Daniel Craig’s version of the role. His five-part story comes full circle in this final film, leaving you nothing more to ask for.

Grade: A

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