[PICK] 5 Korean Actors Who Nailed Playing Multiple Roles in the Same Work

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Edited by Seo Hayne
Translated Cho EK

drama One the Woman
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SBS’ new drama One the Woman is an upcoming comedy drama about a corrupt prosecutor named Jo Yeon Joo who accidentally switches lives with a chaebol daughter-in-law named Kang Mi Na. In this work, Lee Hanee will play two roles in the same work for the first time. Not all the actors find the chance to play two characters in the same series. The actors who are given the oppertunity need to know the details of the two characters and make sure viewers can see the difference in them so that they don’t get confused. As it is a challenge, it may be a life-changing opportunity to score a high point in one’s acting career. Among those who starred in popular historical and fantasy dramas, we introduce five actors who played two roles in the same piece and left a clear impression on viewers.


Kim So Hyun – River Where the Moon Rises (2021)

River Where the Moon Rises is a fictional historical romance drama that tells the story of Princess Pyeong Gang and On Dal of Goguryeo. Kim So Hyun played Princess Pyeong Gang who has devoted herself to the country and Queen Yeon, the mother of Pyeong Gang. In addition, she played Yeom Ga Jin, a princess who turns into an assassin after losing all her memories in a tragic incident. Kim So Hyun showed impressive action scenes playing the killer and portrayed a strong, progressive leader by playing Princess Pyeong Gang. The series suffered a crucial exodus as Jisoo, who played On Dal, had to step down amid the series due to his past misdeeds in school. Kim So Hyun led the play despite the re-shooting.


Song Joong Ki – Arthdal Chronicles (2019)

Arthdal ​​Chronicles is a fantasy drama about heroes who write different legends in the ancient land of Arth. Song Joong Ki takes on the role of twins Saya and Eun Seom, who were born between a blue-eyed and blue-blooded neanderthal and a human. In a work consisting of a total of three parts, Saya first appears at the end of part 1, ‘Children of Prophecy.’ Saya, who grew up hiding in Arthdal ​​for 20 years, first made his presence with his long hair that fell down to his waist. Eun Seom, who later becomes the conqueror of Arthdal, is clearly distinguished by his medium-length hair. The two characters with completely different personalities and backgrounds face each other in part 2, ‘the sky turning inside out rising land.’


Yeo Jin Goo – The Crowned Clown (2019)

The Crowned Clown is the story of a king in the Joseon Dynasty whose throne is in danger and his plan to replace himself with an identical jester. Yeo Jin Goo plays clown Ha Seon who is free-spirited and warm-hearted and king Yi Heon who lives in fear and anxiety. The series gets even more exciting when the fake king Ha Seon grows a crush on Queen So Woon the moment the real king, Yi Heon, temporarily leaves the palace. The scenes where Yi Heon speaks to Ha Seon face to face always have created tight tension, largely due to Yeo Jin Goo’s great acting that makes the two characters look completely different. His acting as Yi Heon, the tyrant who lost himself to madness, received responses like he “exudes dark yet captivating energy.”


Do Kyung Soo – 100 Days My Prince (2018)

100 Days My Prince is a drama series that revolves around the romance between prince Won Deuk who lost his memory in an accident and lives as a commoner and Hong Shim, the oldest single woman in Joseon. Do Kyung Soo took his very first role in the historical drama and excellently played the bright crown prince, Lee Yul, and the commoner who had lost his memory in a killer’s attack, Won Deuk. He gave solid performances both as prince Lee Yul and Won Deuk, who sometimes bears the crown without revealing his true feelings to anyone and other times be clueless about just about everything he faces. His on-screen romance with Nam Ji Hyun, who played Hong Shim, was fresh and lovely enough to make you smile. You can also get a glimpse of Kim Seon Ho and Han So Hee, who are now prominent actors, in this drama.


Jun Ji Hyun – Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)

Legend of the Blue Sea is a fantasy romance drama inspired by a mermaid story in Eou Yadam, the collection of tales written in the Joseon Dynasty. It tells the story of the last mermaid on Earth who meets a genius city con artist and learns to live among human beings. The relationship between the two people goes back more than a decade to their previous lives, and Jun Ji Hyun plays both Shim Cheong, the mermaid in the present time, and her ancestor in the Joseon Dynasty, Se Hwa. Jun Ji Hyun performed underwater scenes wearing pearl sunglasses and a seashell clutch and comically showed the struggles of a mermaid adjusting to life on land. Legend of the Blue Sea is Jun’s second work with writer Park Ji Eun, whom she met through her previous work, My Love From the Star.


Editor Seo Hayne: I like actors as they faithfully lead through their long running-time. I also like idols who accomplish everything on stage within 3 minutes.

Translator Cho EK: I’m a big fan of Korean dramas and movies.

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