Red Velvet’s Yeri Shares Her Thoughts on Her Latest Time Travel Show ‘Blue Birthday’

Red Velvet Yeri drama Blue Birthday
Red Velvet Yeri drama Blue Birthday

Kim Ye Rim (a.k.a Red Velvet’s Yeri) shared her thoughts on her latest series, Blue Birthday.

In Blue Birthday, Kim Ye Rim played a girl named Oh Ha Rin who makes time travel into the past to save the first love she lost ten years ago.

Previously, in the last episode, Ha Rin showed tears of relief when she saw Seo Joon (Hong Seok) getting hurt while trying to save her. Then, her voiceover kicks back into the play by saying, “The choice you will regret the least often turns out to be the best decision.” With her long-lasting final line, the show went out on a good note with the sweet scene of them enjoying their date out.

In regards to her latest show, Kim Ye Rim commented, “I learned a lot from starring the work, Blue Birthday. I enjoyed playing Ha Rin, and I will continue to do my best in the future, so I hope you will look forward to meeting me on the small screen again. Thank you for coming on board on Ha Rin and Seo Jun’s time travel.”

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