BL Web-Drama ‘My Sweet Dear’ Reveals Intriguing Teaser Trailer

My Sweet Dear BL drama
My Sweet Dear BL drama
Credit: Studio Winsome, Contents monster

BL web drama My Sweet Dear (literal title), which will be released in October, has released an intriguing teaser trailer.

The first teaser trailer gave a sneak peek at the intense first encounter between Choi Jung Woo (played by Jang Ui Soo) and Yoon Do Gun (Lee Chan Hyung).

My Sweet Dear is a youthful romance that revolves around genius chef Jung Woo who marches into the sacred kitchen of Laura Dining and wins the heart of the Do Gun, the perfect and flawless owner-chef.

The released video shared a glimpse of Jung Woo and Do Gun romantically staring at each other. Jung Woo, who came to Laura Dining, passes by Do Gun and calls him with a sweet voice, “Chef Yoon Do Gun.” Jung Woo quickly snatches Do Gun’s apron strap, turns him around, and smiles brightly at Do Gun.

In the meantime, Do Gun’s pure eyes, baffled by Jung Woo’s bold move, and Do Gun’s unexplainable face stimulates curiosity about what will happen next. Soon, Jung Woo slowly opens his mouth to break the silence and says, “See you around.”

The drama production team shared, “The romantic teaser video that disarms your heart within 15 seconds is just a start. Please stay tuned for the upcoming romance series of Jang Ui Soo and Lee Chan Hyung that will show more profound chemistry.”

My Sweet Dear BL drama
Credit: Studio Winsome, Contents monster

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