A Character Guide to Upcoming Body Swap Comedy Series ‘One the Woman’

drama One the Woman
drama One the Woman
Credit: SBS

SBS’ upcoming drama One the Woman, which will premiere on September 17, is a comedy drama that centers around a corrupt prosecutor who accidentally begins a new life as an heiress of a chaebol family. The rogue and hot-tempered main character will bring justice to corrupt chaebols who abuse their power, followed by the successful and satisfying series The Fiery Priest and Taxi Driver. Including Lee Hanee, who will be playing two roles, Lee Sang and Jin Seo Yeon, and Lee Won Geun will appear in the drama helmed by Good Casting director Choi Young Hoon.


Jo Yeon Joo (Lee Hanee)

drama One the Woman
Credit: SBS

Jo Yeon Joo is the only daughter of a gang leader. She graduated from Seoul National University College of Law and passed her bar exam with excellent grades. However, she is now a corrupt prosecutor working in the 3rd division of the Central District Prosecutor’s office, whose hobby is to find a sponsor and whose specialty is to flatter the powerful. One day, Yeon Joo sees a woman who looks just like her and gets hit by a mysterious car. When she wakes up in a hospital bed without her memory, she gets to live as the daughter-in-law of Han Ju group and the only heiress of the Yu Min group. Although she makes a fresh start as an upper-class woman, she struggles to hide her natural temper, ability, and spirit even without remembering her true self.


Kang Mi Na (Lee Hanee)

drama One the Woman
Credit: SBS

Born as an unlawful child of Yu Min group’s chairman, she grew up in brutal hatred. However, when she met Seung Wook, her fiance in the arranged marriage, she thought she found a thread of hope and happiness. But her silver lining fell short when she had to end up marrying Seong Woon instead of Seung Wook due to the change in their succession line. Moreover, when her-in-laws found out that she was born on the other side of the blanket, she was even more brutally criticized for her unlawful presence. Then one day, she suddenly disappears.


Han Seung Wook (Lee Sang Yoon)

drama One the Woman
Credit: SBS

Han Seung Wook is the son of Han Ju Group’s next successor, but his father’s sudden death has taken him out of the succession line. He also lost his beloved fiancée Mi Na. He left all the bad memories behind and headed to America but returned to Korea to find the truth behind his father’s death. Although now is the time when he needs Mi Na’s help the most, he sees something strange in her.


Han Seong Hye (Jin Seo Yeon)

drama One the Woman
Credit: SBS

Han Seong Hye did not give up just yet to inherit the family fortune. She had tried many times to win her younger brothers with all her means. However, she slowly sees one strange variable in her plan: Kang Mi Na. The outcast in her family starts to get on her nerves after the car accident.


Ahn Yoo Jun (Lee Won Keun)

drama One the Woman
Credit: SBS

Ahn Yoo Jun is Jooyeon’s colleague she met in the Judicial Research and Training Institute. He knows that he won’t have a chance if he approached her as a man. He stays by her side as her meek classmate and colleague for years. After Yeon Ju goes missing, he waits patiently for her to come back, believing that there would be some kind of a plan. At this moment, he realizes his feelings for her.


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