‘On the Line’ Trailer Gives First Look at Byun Yo Han in Upcoming Crime Movie

voice korean movie
voice korean movie
Credit: CJ ENM

The film On the Line has released a character trailer packed with a tense atmosphere and an unnerving sense of dread.

On the Line is a crime movie that revolves around Seo Joon (Byun Yo Han), a phone scam victim who courageously sneaks into the phishing organization’s home base in China to recover his money. The story begins to unfold when he meets the architect of the phone scam, Kwak Pro (Kim Mu Yeol).

Han Seo Joon, who had lost everything to a phone scam, decides to infiltrate the gang’s hidden base. The character makes it impossible to take our eyes off the trailer with an exhilarating action sequence and a desperate chase to catch the criminal.

Kwak Pro, the architect of the scamming company, states, “Let’s bring them hell today,” with a brutal smile on his face, heralding the birth of a powerful villain character.

Lee Kyu Ho (Kim Hee Won), the chief of the Criminal Intelligence Unit, is also expected to add tension to the series as he pursues a desperate chase to root out phone scamming crimes.

Lastly, director Chun (Park Myung Hoon), who conducts thorough surveillance on behalf of the criminal organization, appears with an intense look, heightening interest in the film.

The movie On the Line will be released on 15th September.

Source: CJ ENM

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