BTS Denies Allegations of ARMY Manipulating Music Charts

BTS Billboard
Credit: Big Hit Music
BTS Billboard
Credit: Big Hit Music

BTS members denied rumors about ARMY manipulating music charts during an interview with Billboard.

In BTS’ new Billboard cover story, the members were asked if they were aware of the online accusations, which Olivia Rodrigo and Dua Lipa fans have made, that ARMY is manipulating the charts through mass buying.

Leader RM responded by saying, “It’s a fair question. If there is a conversation inside Billboard about what being No.1 should represent, then it’s up to them to change the rules and make streaming weigh more on the ranking.” Then, he continued. “Slamming us or our fans for getting to No. 1 with physical sales and downloads, I don’t know if that’s right. It just feels like we’re easy targets because we’re a boy band, a K-pop group, and we have this high fan loyalty.” he refuted.

Regarding the allegations of chart manipulation, CEO of BTS’s agency Big Hit Music Shin Young Jae has also added, “I realize that the development of the music market is not making sense to some people.” He continued, “But, I don’t believe that having high download counts alone lets them top the music markets in the United States. The songs of BTS had a positive influence on many, and I cannot say enough that I am proud of their achievement.”


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