4 Reasons We Are Obsessed with ‘Hospital Playlist 2’

Hospital Playlist 2
Hospital Playlist 2
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Hospital Playlist 2 is continuing its solid upward streak in viewership ratings. The reason behind its success lies in telling the stories of ordinary people around us that we can easily relate to rather than presenting an event-based story. It’s receiving positive reviews for telling warm and empathetic stories, which is different from what traditional medical drama series did in the past. Let’s take a look at the four key points of Hospital Playlist 2 that made viewers laugh and cry in each episode.


1. Family

Reply series franchise director Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo Jung demonstrated the value of love in a family through stories of families living in an alley. The same goes for Hospital Playlist 2. The story related to the family members of the five doctors, including Jung Won’s unique relationship with her family, Seok Hyung’s unusual bond with his mother, and the Ik Joon and his siblings, drew attention. Since the five had spent 20 years together, they showed a natural bond between each other’s families and added to the fun of the drama. For example, in the 8th episode, the drama received favorable reviews from the viewers, presenting the value in the word “mother.”

2. Consolation

In each episode, Hospital Playlist 2 is winning the people’s hearts through the stories of ordinary people in their daily lives. The spectators were warmly comforted by the stories of diverse people in the hospital. In particular, the realistic stories of the patients and their guardians brought laughter and sorrow.

3. Friendship

The drama’s important keyword is ‘friendship.’ The five, who’s been friends for 20 years, Jung Won, Ik Joon, Jun Wan, Suk Hyung, Song Hwa, are all working as doctors and therefore bring a strong community together. Since they have spent half of their lives together, they can get across small life stories to diverse emotions they feel while pursuing their career.

4. Memories

The drama brings back their memories and reminds us of emotions that we have all forgotten. For instance, one of the noteworthy scenes in Hospital Playlist 2 is the band performance scene. The memories of five friends in the scene bring back the trival but priceless memories to all of us who survived the days.


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