‘The Witch’s Diner’ Crew Shared How They Created Highly Realistic Visual Effects in Every Episode

The Witch's Diner
The Witch's Diner
Credit: TVING

The visual effects team of The Witch’s Diner revealed the computer graphics they used to make the drama flawless and realistic.

West World’s Lee Yong Seop, who was in charge of the entire visual effects in the drama, stated that the theme of the work was inspired by grotesque and dark fairy tales. He further explained, “The witch, Hee Ra, grants wishes to the good, hardworking people. She is beautiful yet extremely harsh and brutal. So, we focused on bringing out the character’s elegance, beauty, and relentlessness.”

He added, “We tried to express the contrast as if Hee Ra’s magic is hiding the wrinkled witch behind her beautiful appearance. So we chose the violet color to brings out the elegant yet creepy vibe of the character.”

In addition, the wooden mandrake drew a lot of attention. The computer graphics supervisor revealed his satisfaction with the artwork, saying, “To make a talking tree, the shape of the mouth and the phrase thrown by the performer must match. A lot of animation work was put into it to achieve the satisfaction that we all wanted.”


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