Kwon Mina Admits Having an Affair and Breaks Up with Her Boyfriend

AOA Kwon Mina

Kwon Mina confessed she and her boyfriend cheated and apologized. However, she once again stated that she was the victim of Jimin’s bullying during her AOA days.

AOA Kwon Mina
Credit: Kwon Mina Instagram

“Yoo made a move on me first. And I also liked him because we had so much in common, such as interests and how we grew up.” Kwon wrote on her Instagram. “He told me he broke up with his girlfriend, so I started dating him. But after seeing the posts that the ex-girlfriend wrote, I Yoo spoke the truth. Everything was a lie. I came to realize that Yoo and I have cheated on her.”

“I am really sorry to the ex-girlfriend who must have gotten hurt, as well as to her friends,” she continued. “In this case, I am definitely the perpetrator, and I have acted so foolishly. I admit my faults and would like to sincerely apologize to the ex-girlfriend, the victim. And, of course, Yoo and I are currently not seeing each other.”

AOA Kwon Mina
Credit: iMBC

However, she reiterated the AOA incident and stated that she was the victim of Jimin’s bullying. Her claim is that she doesn’t want this to blur the truth about her being the victim and Jimin being the harasser.

Kwon wrote, “I have lots to say about Shin Ji Min. The statement was a mess. Everything about her has nothing to do with this so, I don’t want to talk about it.” She then emphasized, “In terms of what happened between Shin Jimin and me, I am very much the victim.”

In the early morning of the 5th, Kwon hosted an Instagram Live to apologize and explain the situation again. “I would like to admit that I was the bad person in this case, although Yoo’s words were all lies. I want to apologize to his ex-girlfriend and her acquaintances and family,” she said.

Later, the artist promised to get off social media and added, “So whether or not the DM’s and comments are well-intended, I won’t reply to any of those, just in case.”


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