DSP Media Claims that April Didn’t Bully Hyunjoo After Hyunjoo’s Brother Was Found “Not Guilty”

April Hyun Joo Bullying
Credit: DSP Media

Amid the ongoing conflict between April and former member Hyunjoo, the police found Hyunjoo’s brother “not guilty” of defamation. And today, DSP Media once again issued its official position regarding the issue.

“Some media outlets reported that the police ‘admitted’ that April members were involved in bullying. And according to them, therefore, the police found Hyunjoo’s younger brother ‘not guilty.’ However, this is not true.

If we quote the full conclusion of the investigation without any exaggeration, it goes like this. ‘He was found not guilty because we found no malicious intent and we couldn’t prove if he was aware of whether the content included false information.’

To clarify, members have never admitted that they were involved in bullying. And the main reason that he was cleared of the charges was because he was unaware of the fact that his post included false information.

We ask that you refrain from reporting information without verifying the facts.”

Yesterday, law firm Lee & Kim representing Hyunjoo and her family confirmed that Hyunjoo’s brother had been found not guilty of his defamation charge against April.


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