Netflix Drops Teaser Poster and Trailer of Supernatural Horror Movie ‘The 8th Night’

Credit: Netflix

Netflix has released a teaser poster and trailer of a mystery thriller movie, The 8th Night.

The 8th Night depicts an eight-day struggle to stop a demon, ‘who must not be unbound’ from crossing the seven stepping stones to resurrect and bring a hell full of pain to the world.

The teaser draws attention as it shows the struggle of those born with the fate of protecting the seal of “it” amid stifling tension. Once upon a time, “it,” the one shouldn’t wake up, was divided into the Red and the Black. It was sealed in a sarira casket so that they can never unite again. However, as “it” tries to wake up and return to the world, mysterious deaths occur one by one. The creepy red eyes of “it” in the teaser stimulate curiosity to the fullest.

Lee Sung Min performs “the guardian,” Jin Soo, and Park Hae Joon plays a homicide detective, Kim Ho Tae. Moreover, Kim Yoo Jung will be a girl with a secret, Ae ran, and Nam Da Reum will become a young monk, Cheongseok. The suspense created by characters of different personalities and the tense drama within them will be what the people anticipate seeing in “The 8th Night.”


Source: Netflix

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