Lee Soo Hyuk Says His Real Personality Is Quite Different from His Roles

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Ahead of the release of Pipeline, Lee Soo Hyuk held a video interview on the 25th. And during it, the actor expressed his desire to break away from his cold image and showcase his various sides.

Lee Soo Hyuk shared his thoughts about his cold yet mysterious image. “I like to play pranks and be a little cheeky. But the roles I play are mostly cold, and at public events, I get a little tensed up because I’m nervous. So I never get to show my perky side. But I’m just an ordinary man. I like watching movies and playing games with my friends. I prefer being in a pleasant mood than serious and heavy mood.”

Credit: YG Entertainment

Now, the actor wants to break away from his cold image and showcase various sides of him. “I think I’ve shown similar roles before, but I’m trying to broaden my options. I gained weight significantly and even worked out like crazy. I even worked on my vocalization to sound more comfortable. Personally, I want to show more of the natural and comfortable sides of me. If it’s for the work, I’m not afraid of being embarrassed.”

He showed his affection for the film. “I loved watching movies, TV series, documentaries, and musicals for a long time. This is my only hobby and specialty. I can watch them nonstop. That’s how much I loved doing it since I was young. And that’s when I dreamt of becoming an actor. I think what I do now is an extension of it.”

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In Pipeline, he plays the main villain, Gun Woo. “I’m at odds with Seo In Guk. The conversation with the director played a big role in building up my character to enable the intense confrontation. We talked a lot, so I could understand what the director wanted in full. Gun Woo doesn’t show his evilness from the getgo. At first, he is the one who plots, but as the story progresses, he reveals his evilness. I think I’ve completed a villain that’s quite different from other villains so far.”

After watching the movie, Lee showed satisfaction because “the movie highlights the chemistry between actors and the confrontation between Gun Woo and Pin Dol Yi.” The jolly chemistry between the actors continued to reality. To Lee Soo Hyuk, Seo In Guk is “an adorable chatterbox and a good actor with many thoughts.”

“I had so much to learn from Seo In Guk. From his acting style to creating a cheerful atmosphere at the scene for the staff and actors, I learned a lot. Personally, I saw a lot of his childlike side, but when we talk, he’s an actor who is pleasant and mature with lots of thoughts. He’s a year older than me, but he treated me like his friend and colleague.”

Currently, Lee So Hyuk is starring in tvN’s Doom at Your Service.


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