‘Imitation’ Is the Mixture of K-pop and K-drama

Credit: KBS

KBS’s Imitation is all about the world of K-pop idols. Studio Curiosity and the music director Park Sung Il, who worked on JTBC’s Itaewon Class and tvN’s My Mister, created 13 K-pop songs for Imitation.

The music director talked about what it’s like to be part of the series in his interview with Sportsseoul. He shared, “I started working on the series a year and a half ago. K-pop performances are sensitive to new trends, so I had to study very hard.” He also shared that the soundtrack of each team will be released as mini-albums. “Later in the series, the albums will include new tracks and remakes that will express the individuality of each team.” I tried to maintain the universe of Imitation, but each album sounds like a separate mini-album.

Credit: Studio.Curiosity

He continued, “Imitation is a blend of K-pop and K-drama, a new attempt no one has ever done before. So, the whole industry is keeping an eye on the series and what it can do. Many K-dramas with K-pop idols are in development to target not only Korea but also foreign countries. Imitation is the first one. It’s not just about having actual idols and their singing. I hope that the collaboration between K-pop and TV series will be a new virtuous cycle that allows Korean dramas to advance.


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