Song Joong Ki Says Vincenzo Is His Best Role

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In tvN’s Vincenzo, Song Joong Ki flawlessly took on the role of Vincenzo Cassano, a villain who catches the villains. And you can undoubtedly say that Vincezo was a character that has never been seen in K-dramas so far. In an interview conducted to mark the end of the series, the actor candidly shared his thoughts, just like Vincenzo.


Q1. Did you feel any pressure playing the title role?

I’ve never been this unweighted before. I’d be lying if I said that there was zero pressure. But like how the episodes progressed with Geumga Plaza tenants, I bonded strongly with the actors who play the Geumga Plaza tenants. So I was never lonely. I think I can say that “we all had fun together.” That’s how I feel.

Q2. Some say the final episode was too violent.

Even at the filming set, people were divided into two groups, those who said it’s too violent and those who said it’s fine. We knew that there would be various opinions on the final episode. But personally, I didn’t think it was violent. I actually thought he could have gone a little further. Vincenzo punished the characters who had committed unspeakable acts accordingly. So I’m satisfied with the outcome.

Q3. Many say this is your best role.

I don’t know how the public and the industry insiders feel about the character. But to Song Joong Ki, “Vincenzo” is the best role. Of my career, I had the most exciting time playing Vincenzo. I’m just glad that I got to play him.

Credit: HiStory DNC

Q4. Compliments about your looks are pouring out.

Whenever someone gives me this kind of comment, I don’t know what to say except thank you, and I’m honored. I don’t have a special facial care routine. Because I had a larger volume of the scenes in which I had to participate than others did, everyone I met at the set told me, “You must be exhausted. So how do you look so good?” It’s not my secret trick, but I could say that it’s because I laughed so hard the past eight months. Having filmed till dawn the day before, some might think, “Oh, I want to go home and rest.” But I wanted to visit the set and have a blast with staff and actors as soon as I wake up.

Q5. Who would you choose if you have to pick the best partner?

It’s undoubtedly Jeon Yeo Been. I don’t mind if other actors get upset by this answer. Hong Cha Young, played by Jeon Yeo Been, was so adorable. Personally, I felt that she was very charming, so I grew fond of her while we acted together. Above all else, I think we just had the best chemistry within the show. I’m sure some actors will text me that they’re upset when they read the article. But I don’t mind. (laughs)

Q6. There are lots of people waiting for season 2.

We never talked about season 2. But the fact that we are talking about this means that people are waiting for season 2. I’m just grateful for that. But we haven’t talked about it. I also don’t think there’s going any talk about season 2 internally.

Q7. You were nominated for Baeksang Arts Award for Best Actor (TV).

I am honored just to be a nominee. Of course, I would be happier if I win the award, but even if I don’t, that’s fine too. I will go to enjoy the awards ceremony. In fact, what I’m more focused on right now is that our director was nominated for the Best Director Award.


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  • Enjoyed the whole twenty episodes, the best serie on Netflix. Thank you to all for writing, producing and acting to such a superb level

  • Awesome actor and an even more wonderful person! Talented and smart and handsome but humble- deserves the Daesang and a fabulous partner in real life too – someone who would love him like his costar in Vincenzo. Fighting Song Joong Ki Oppa- we all fans love you ! Please pick another drama soon !

  • Iam not an avid fan of korea novela but the moment my grandaughter told me abt this,i did not hesitate to watch it. I love action film and i loved and enjoyed the actions in this vincenzo film. The plot of the story is a lot different from other action film.Waiting for the season 2 of this

  • SJK was always at his best whatever role he has portrayed. Congratulations to the one and only Big Boss Vincenzo!

  • I was hooked after the first ten minutes, it was a brilliant show and I hope there is a Season 2

  • Song Joong Ki He is one of ultimate favorite actors. Binge watching on Netflix Canada and I am finding it so hard to stop watching.

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