Song Joong Ki Apologizes for ‘Vincenzo’ Chinese Food Product Placement as a Lead Actor

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Vincenzo‘s lead actor Song Joong Ki belatedly apologized for the controversy over the Chinese food product placements (PPL).

In an interview conducted to mark the grand finale of Vincenzo, Song Joong Ki mentioned Zi Hai Guo’s Chinese bibimbap PPL in the series.

“I was in the middle of shooting when the controversy broke out. So I decided to stay silent on the matter to focus on my job,” he shared. “Also, I wasn’t in the position to comment. But I did think that I should mention it if anyone brings up.”

“It’s a fact that we had an issue with the series, and there were people who were disappointed by it. So as a leading actor, it’s only fair that I say sorry,” Song Joong Ki added. “Internally, we all tried to faithfully stick to the story. I only thought about putting my heart into my role to win the favor of the viewers.”

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In the 8th episode, Jeon Yeo Been and Song Joong Ki were seen enjoying Chinese bibimbap. This product is made by Zi Hai Guo, a famous Chinese instant food brand, and it’s rarely found in Korea.

Chinese bibimbap on Korean dramas; viewers frowned their eyes. When the controversy sparked, the production team hurried to settle the issue. They issued an official apology and deleted and re-edited the scene.


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  • Why should Song joong ki apologise? He is an actor he didn’t place those items there! We don’t even care if it was Chinese. Japanese or Korean products we didn’t take notice we just loved vincenzo that’s it .. stop blaming actors!! 😤

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