ATEEZ is at the Top of Their Game in ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ for Two Weeks Straight

Credit: TV Daily

ATEEZ has been showing how strong they can be despite being the youngest. They’ve beaten other teams in the second round of the competition after their previous victory. It’s noteworthy that they’ve made their debut later than any other participating groups in the show.

In the episode of Mnet’s Kingdom: Legendary War aired on the 29th, ATEEZ, BTOB, and Stray Kids came to the stage to compete in the second round of competition, ‘RE-BORN.’ This is after last week’s episode in which SF9, THE BOYZ, and iKON had their chances to perform.

On this day, ATEEZ got the best scores from professionals and participants. Thus, they gained the opportunity to choose who to change the songs with. The team chose iKON, who they revealed to be fans of.

After a long discussion, ATEEZ decided to go with “RHYTHM TA.” It is a remix of the sampling from the 3rd movement from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: Summer. With Money Heist as their theme, ATEEZ appeared as anarchists who dream of rebelling against a society in which art, dance, and music are banned. They demonstrated it through a universe as the ending linked to the opening of their first stage of the competition.

As a result, ATEEZ rose to the top of the competition with 2155.172 points. Member Hongjoong said, “It feels good to have great results. However, we should focus on thinking about how we will excel in our next stage.”


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  • Ateez stage presence is no joke. As kpop fans people are generally biased to their group but professionals are giving them the praise they deserve and kpop stans are mad.

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