ENHYPEN Unveils Tracklist for Upcoming Album; “Drunk-Dazed” is Their New Title Song


The ‘hot icon’ of fourth-generation idols, ENHYPEN, revealed the tracklist for their new album. Their official SNS channel uploaded the list at midnight on the 16th.

A total of six songs will be in the new album, BORDER: CARNIVAL, with “Intro: The Invitation” and “Outro: The Wormhole.” This album consists of ENHYPEN’s impression of the strange yet fancy world they’ve experienced after their debut.


The main track, “Drunk-Dazed,” is a pop-rock by producer Bang Si Hyuk and Wonderkid. It best demonstrates the album’s theme. The song uses chaotic carnival shaken to its core as a metaphor for the strange world with ‘Drunk’ and ‘Dazed’ boys.

In “Given-Taken,” ENHYPEN spoke about their complex feelings before their debut. Now, with “Drunk-Dazed,” they will unfold their encounter with the world. Apart from the title song, the album’s intro track was revealed in a video uploaded on the 5th. With a modern pop R&B “FEVER,” a track for all teens in this era, “Not For Sale,” a song with unique synth and electric guitar sounds “Mixed Up,” and “Outro: The Wormhole” will bring an end to the ‘BORDER’ series.


ENHYPEN will come back with their second mini-album BORDER: CARNIVAL on the upcoming 26th. The album will be available in three different versions, “UP,” “HYPE,” and “DOWN.” 


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