‘Move to Heaven’ Will Be Released on Netflix in May 14th

The Netflix original series Move to Heaven confirmed its release on May 14th with its teaser posters and trailers.

Credit: Netflix

Move to Heaven is a Netflix series about Geu Ru, a trauma cleaner suffering from Asperger syndrome, and his guardian Sang Gu. In other words, the show is about the two helping a final move of those who passed away and delivering untold messages to those left behind.

Credit: Netflix

Move to Heaven is inspired by Kim Sae Byeol’s nonfiction essay What’s Left After You Leave. The Perfect Way to Steal a Dog director Kim Sung Ho and Angel Eyes author Yoon Ji Ryeon meet and tell the various stories left by the dead through the innocent eyes of Geu Ru with Asperger syndrome. Lee Je Hoon, Tang Jun Sang, Hong Seung Hee will the lead actors. And, Jin Jin Hee and Lee Jae Wook will make a special appearance in the series.

The released trailer begins with Geu Ru’s voice saying, “I’m a trauma cleaner. I will start the final move now,” and the two start to clean the precious remains one by one. As they empty the space, the clip introduces a line, drawing the wonder: “Every death has a story to tell. We light you the untold stories so they can live on.”

Move to Heaven, which will be a warm gift for the spring, will be released worldwide only on Netflix.



Source: Netflix





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