Rowoon Is in Talks to Partner Up with Kim Hee Sun in New Webtoon-Based Fantasy Series

Credit: W Korea, Hinge Entertainment
Credit: W Korea, Hinge Entertainment

SF9’s Rowoon may become “Kim Hee Sun’s man” this time.

According to Sports Chosun, Rowoon may take the lead role in the new webtoon-adapted series Tomorrow (literal title). It is a heartwarming fantasy series about grim reapers, who initially shepherd the dead, end up saving lives.

When the suicide rate skyrockets, the perfect balance in the underworld starts to fall apart. Consequently, the newly formed crisis management team comes to the human world with the task of making those who want to commit suicide keep on living.

The report states that Rowoon takes on the role of half-human-half-spirit Choi Jin Woong. Because of the crisis management team’s mistake, his soul came out of his body, and he became someone who’s not alive or dead. He lived a stable life, yet unemployed for three years. And with the power of alcohol, he climbs up a bridge to make a suicidal attempt. But there, he finds another man who was trying to jump up first. As he tries to save the person, he falls off the bridge before the crisis management team arrives.

Credit: Cine21, Naver Webtoon

When he falls into a three-year coma due to the team’s mistake, he joins the team as a “part-timer.” Likewise, he who failed to get a job in human society is finally employed in the underworld.

Earlier this year, Rowoon starred in She Would Never Know and showed an impressive performance. On top of that, he was in the cast lineup of the upcoming fantasy historical drama Affection. The agency is yet to confirm Rowoon’s appearance. But if he does join the project, he will film Tomorrow as soon as he finished Affection.

Earlier today, Kim Hee Sun reportedly reviewed her appearance in Tomorrow.


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