JTBC Makes Official Statement Addressing Suspicions Surrounding ‘Snowdrop’ 

JTBC has made its position clear, stating that Snowdrop “is not a show glorifying the relationship between the Agency for National Security Planning (NSP) and spies.” The plan was to air the show in the second half of the year.

Credit: JTBC

Embroiled in a controversy of distorting history, JTBC made a press release on the afternoon of the 26th. “Snowdrop is not a show that belittles the June Democratic Struggle, nor glorifies the NSP and spies.

They explained, “Snowdrop is a black comedy that satirizes the presidential election amid a face-off between North and South of Korea with the military government of the 80s. Furthermore, it is a melodrama between young men and women who suffered in the chaotic era.”

JTBC continued saying, “Parts of the incomplete synopsis was released online, raising criticisms based on sentences without context, but this is merely speculative.” They also emphasized, “Rumors of the show ‘presenting South Korean spies leading the democratic movement,’ ‘reflecting certain figures who led the student movement,’ ‘glorifying the NSP’ are different from what Snowdrop is actually about. It also has nothing to do with the producers’ intentions.”

JTBC ended with a note asking everyone to “refrain from baseless criticism on the show before its release.”

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  • S. Korea should have a Movies and dramas review board which will review the content of the film or dra mas before the start of production and not when everything has been completed.

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