Son Woo Hyun Reveals He was “Ambitious” for ‘To My Star’

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Starting with the film Butterfly Effect (literal title) in 2016, Son Woo Hyun has been gaining experiences through multiple movies and dramas. What caught the public’s attention was his 2020 movie, Justice High. After playing the leading role, Son Woo Hyun continued to remain active that year. Playing as a makeup artist in Touch and a Pulgasari goblin in The Tale of a Gumiho, he made short yet fierce impressions of himself.

Now the actor has become to garner global fans. This is through the web drama To My Star. The server went down as soon as the drama was released, as it rose to the top of the real-time charts of Naver SERIES ON and proved its potential by ranking No. 1 in Japan’s Rakuten TV. It was also recently released on Netflix as a movie.

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In his interview with the Chosun Ilbo, Son Woo Hyun said that he “didn’t expect it to be this grand.”

“Of course, I was hoping that it would work out well as I participated as its leading character, that was not something I could choose. I have a strong affection for this work, so I am more so grateful that the public recognized such efforts.”

How Son Woo Hyun came to know the work was notable.

“First, the script was intriguing. I asked the director later in the meeting how he came to cast me, and he said he saw The Tale of a Gumiho. At first, I wondered whether that was true. It was a role that only had action scenes. Perhaps he thought it was like Kang Seo Joon when he saw the scene of me being trapped in the refrigerator.”

To My Star encompasses the melodrama and growth of two men.

“I was slightly unfamiliar with the proposal when I received it. I actually had no prejudice. I think I treated it like work as an actor. Whenever I choose a work I tend to look at how interesting the script is, and the narrative of this work dealt with a love story, yet it was not trivial at all. If I have a desire as an actor, it’s to be good at expressing various characters. I just thought of it as a rom-com. Also, I wanted to play the role of a top star. (Laughs)”

This is Son Woo Hyun’s second time working with Kim Kang Min, who plays the role of Han Ji Woo, since The Tale of a Gumiho.

“We all went to eat together during the first reading for The Tale of a Gumiho. Kang Min happened to sit next to me. I asked about his age and talked about this and that, but he was a very quiet person. Seeing him at the shoot, he was even polite. I heard that Kang Min joined To My Star after auditioning for it. Though I didn’t expect to work with him in this, I was looking forward to it. And we got along well too.”

Son Woo Hyun wrote, composed, and even sang the OST of To My Star.

“Because I’ve been in the military band, I learned how to play the guitar and music from my colleagues. I would play the guitar and enjoy making songs on my day off. One day I was talking to the director about the OST and told him that I’d try making it, but that was only something I just said passing by. But the director meant it.”

Son Woo Hyun started working on his next work immediately. It is a weekend series with guaranteed secure viewer ratings. He will be working with Jeon Hye Bin as lovers in KBS’s Revolutionary Sisters which will kick off on the upcoming 13th. It is anticipated how the actor will improve in his next work.


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