Song Joong Ki Talks About Portraying Father’s Love as a Single Man

Credit: Netflix

Song Joong Ki delivered his thoughts on performing a father role.

Song Joong Ki, who recently took the globe with Space Sweepers, expressed his feelings about playing the father who lost his daughter.

Space Sweepers, set in the year 2092, is about the crew of space junk collector ship The Victory jumping into a dangerous deal after discovering a humanoid robot named Dorothy that’s known to be a weapon of mass destruction.

For the film, the actor turned into Tae Ho, a former ace of the UTS SWAT team who became a pilot of The Victory after suffering an irreversible accident during the operation. After hitting the bottom of his life, he does anything for the money as if there is something he has to accomplish.

Credit: Netflix

“At first, it was difficult to approach Tae Ho,” said Song. “I thought, ‘how could I play a father with a daughter?’ I was also worried if the public would accept me when I pay the role of a father.”

However, he added, “I had no pressure in playing the role. I was excited because I had never done such a role before. I was at a loss while preparing for it, but I talked a lot with the director and focused on the script.”

About the criticisms over the cliche-filled plot, the actor shared, “I saw all the articles, both praising and criticizing the film. But I usually try to listen to people who say bitter things rather than those who say sweet things, so I try to read such responses more.”

Song continued, “More than 80% of the reasons why I chose this work are because of director Jo Sung Hee. I like the color and the style he has. I chose the film because I liked it, so I’m satisfied.”

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