‘Mission Possible’ Heralds Dynamic Fun with Actors’ Still Photos

Credit: Merry Christmas

Mission Possible, which is drawing keen attention with comical chemistry between Kim Young Kwang and Lee Sun Bin, unveiled 12 still photos.

The upcoming film Mission Possible is a bewildering comic action film about the money-loving head of a detective agency and a secret agent full of passion joining hands to strategically unravel a large-scale arms trafficking case.

The released still photos vividly captures the movie’s charm from hilarious comedy to eye-catching action. Kim Young Kwang, who had the strong “first love” image, shows off his deft performance as Woo Soo Han, a detective agency’s money-loving head. But his expression entirely changes in the face of crisis, raising expectations for the dynamic story.

Lee Sun Bin, who plays elite agent Yoo Da Hee, perfectly digested the role with an undying passion for completing the mission and presented comical “tiki-taka” with Kim Young Kwang. On top of that, Oh Dae Hwan, Kim Tae Hoon, Choi Byung Mo and Seo Hyun Chul joined the cast lineup, heralding energetic fun and laughter.

Meanwhile, Mission Possible will be released later this month.

Source: Merry Christmas

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