How Did MAMAMOO React When They Met Moonbyul’s High School Bully?

Credit: BNT International

Since RBW gave an update on MAMAMOO’s exclusive contract renewal, the group has been the hot topic. And amid keen attention to their possible continuation as MAMAMOO, the warm friendship between the members belatedly became a hot topic.

On Jan 2, a video clip titled “How Moonbyul was absurdly bullied when she was 19 years old” that edited Moonbyul’s appearance in Naver NOW was posted on YouTube.

In it, Moonbyul shares, “When I was a senior in high school, I wanted to be a singer, so I auditioned a lot. And when I returned to school, my friends’ attitudes have changed. (Later I heard that) they were jealous of me setting out to fulfill my dream.”

Credit: YouTube “휘이익,” Naver NOW

“It was a difficult time for me. (They used to be such close friends) but they also said some real bad curse words,” she continued.

After she debuted as MAMAMOO, she met one of these bullies. “I met one of these bullies while I was working. But I pretended to be a stranger. She was living a tough life then,” she added. “And our members knew about this, so they all gave her a dirty look, and that was somewhat reassuring. You know, it felt like ‘These are my friends.’”

According to RBW, Solar and Moonbyul have renewed their contract, and Wheein and Hwasa are also positively considering it. With this, attention focuses on if we get to see more of MAMAMOO.

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