‘GOING SEVENTEEN 2020’ SEVENTEEN’s Reality Show is Getting Even More Popular

Credit: Pledis Entertainment

SEVENTEEN’s self-produced show GOING SEVENTEEN 2020 has come to an end with more than 100 million views altogether.

Credit: Pledis Entertainment

GOING SEVENTEEN 2020 is SEVENTEEN’s own variety show released every Monday at 10.10 p.m. KST on the band’s official SNS channel.

As it wrapped up a year-long journey on the 18th, GOING SEVENTEEN 2020 was loved by the public for presenting a new framework to K-Pop artists’ self-produced reality shows.

Each episode of the show is about 27 minutes, and it easily exceeded a million views every time. Furthermore, as of the afternoon of January 19th, the show hit 100 million views in total. In particular, the 27th episode “The Tag #1” alone showed off a whopping 5.7 million views. The episode was revealed on August 10th, and since then the public interest for GOING SEVENTEEN 2020 has increased even more.

According to Google Trends search data analysis, GOING SEVENTEEN 2020 was searched five times more than before. The solid fan base and public interest were demonstrated whenever the show was canceled, as GOING SEVENTEEN 2020 would always rise to the top 10 real-time search keywords.

The number of subscribers for SEVENTEEN’s YouTube channel is also growing exponentially, as it surpassed 6 million in 181 days after reaching 5 million. GOING SEVENTEEN 2020 regularly ranked on the Trending Videos right after its release, not only within Korea but also in Japan and the Philippines.

The show comes off to be more special, as SEVENTEEN directly expresses their opinions and enthusiastically participates in the production. Their ideas for ‘Monthly SEVENTEEN’ gave many people joy and healed them by showing the group’s fantastic chemistry. Additionally, the show candidly captured SEVENTEEN as young people in their 20s, as opposed to their stage personas. SEVENTEEN, as their own hosts, presented diverse episodes full of their pleasant energy.

Credit: Pledis Entertainment

Above all, GOING SEVENTEEN 2020 catches the eyes of the global K-Pop fandom as it directly shows the charms of each 13 members. The show also depicts SEVENTEEN’s one and only identity as a group.

Consequently, the reality show is paving its new path as a new fandom has been formed for it. Expectations are also high for the new types of content that will return on March 3rd after taking a break.


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