Kim Hyun Joong Takes a Cautious Step Saying “I want to pluck up my courage”

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Kim Hyun Joong appeared in public for the first time in three years. He, who has been engulfed in unsavory incidents for the past few years, took a cautious step, saying, “I can’t say I did well, but I want to pluck up my courage.”

Yesterday, Kim Hyun Joong appeared in Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller and opened up about the various controversies he has been embroiled in.

Saying that he wonders if he can ever go back to his cheerful self, Kim added, “I am kicking myself every day. People’s criticism and sharp eyes pressure me. I can be myself in front of my families and close friends, but I cower when I see strangers because I feel like they are going to see me as a weirdo.”

He continued, “I thought I should try to live a better life, not just being obsessed with the past. So I’m trying to pluck up my courage.”

In response, Seo Jang Hoon gave sincere advice, saying, “It’s sincerity and endeavor that can dilute your past.” Kim Hyun Joong shared, “You said there are no cure for scars, and that’s so right. My hope of being cured was wrong. I’ve never thought about carrying the pain with me.”

After the show, Kim left some heartfelt words on his social media, “Those who cheered me up and comforted me. Those who gave me advice. I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of these people. I will think of your words as a foundation for my life and stay brighter and warmer.”

However, netizens are showing two opposite reactions to his sincere confession. As his past images have clearly thicker over time, he will have to smartly overcome the cold wall that hinders him on his way. Now, attention focuses on whether Kim Hyun Joong will be able to break down that wall and win netizens’ hearts back.

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